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About Us

UNIS is established with the aim of providing support advice and information to Refugees, Asylum seekers and Migrant workers in Scotland. UNIS promotes and progresses active citizenship and participation of the said groups by providing a forum for discussion and empowerment through facilitating informal support networks and hosting community events which help to break the cycle of stress, trauma and isolation. The aforesaid are unfortunate experiences of many individuals from these communities and UNIS helps support them to develop their sense of identity and belonging whilst encouraging their active participation as denizens of Scotland.


Aims and Objectives

UNIS will work in partnership with all relevant stakeholders to engage with the said groups, through  community education and development and with the objective of reducing isolation; promoting integration, advancing community cohesion and creating pathways to active citizenship.

UNIS aims:

  • to advance active citizenship amongst the said disadvantaged groups through the provision of information; education; advocacy support; access to services, civic activities all which serve to ¬†empower them and help promote their integration within the wider community
  • to advance race equality by promoting equal opportunities and increasing community cohesion, through inclusive community events and activities
  • to promote racial harmony between local residents and the said groups through community work and community integration which will build relationships, promoting mutual understanding, respect and dignity for all.
  • to relieve poverty through building capacity, skills and empowerment of the said groups through their participation and engagement in community development initiatives and programs, training, participation in sport, health and education